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#2 Common Red Oak

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 Site finished solid hardwood is truly an investment in your home.  With good care and maintenance, a hardwood floor will last as long as your home does.

Phillips' Floors is the premier site finish hardwood company in Iowa, with decades of experience, and a commitment to quality.  Our high tech dust containment systems now make the process nearly dust free.

NWFA-NOFMA NO. 2 COMMON OAK: May contain sound natural variations of the forest product and manufacturing imperfections. The purpose of this grade is to furnish a floor suitable for homes, general utility use, or where character marks and contrasting appearance is desired. The following are not admitted: shattered or rotten ends, large broken knots, excessive bad millwork, shake, advanced rot, and similar unsound defects. Dark machine burns exceeding 3/64" (.0469”) (1.19 mm) deep not admitted. Knot holes and open characters which will readily fill are admitted. Occasional scant thickness (hit or miss) on the back of the flooring board the entire length of the piece admitted, providing there is full bearing across the board at some point within three inches of the ends. A limited number of pieces with no tongue admitted.