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#1 Common Hickory

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 Site finished solid hardwood is truly an investment in your home.  With good care and maintenance, a hardwood floor will last as long as your home does.
Phillips' Floors is the premier site finish hardwood company in Iowa, with decades of experience, and a commitment to quality.  Our high tech dust containment systems now make the process nearly dust free.


NWFA-NOFMA NO. 1 COMMON HICKORY/PECAN: A floor with varying wood characteristics and colors to include heavy streaks, stained sapwood, sound knots, checks and small splits. All defects must readily fill and be sound. The following characteristics are admitted: Broken knots up to 1/2" (.500”) (12.7 mm) in diameter; distinct color variations (predominantly dark, discolored pieces not allowed); sticker stain/shadow; numerous dark streaks or black spots; checks to 1/16" (.0625”) (1.59 mm) in width, not exceeding 3" (76.2 mm) in length, and running parallel and well inside the strip edges; small end split 1/16" (.0625”) (1.59 mm) wide x 1/2" (.500”) (12.7 mm) in length showing no movement; bird pecks to 1/2" (.500”) (12.7 mm) in diameter where bark is sound and as hard as surrounding wood. Minor imperfections in machining permitted; torn grain (less than 1/16" (.0625”) (1.59 mm) deep in an area 2” (50.8 mm) wide x 2” (50.8 mm) wide); slightly torn edges; and an occasional dark machine burn 1/2" (.500”) (12.7 mm) in width (no more than two (2) per 3’ (914.4 mm) of length). Pieces with one-quarter (1/4) tongue, full length of the piece.